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Deep-Fried Pies and Seasoned Curly Fries in Flower Mound, TX

No matter how you like your wings, your wing meal isn't complete without the perfect side of seasoned curly french fries. And at It's Just Wings in Flower Mound, TX, that perfect side of curly fries is on the house with every order of wings. Because you can't put a price on a delicious side. Well, you can — it's zero dollars. Add our deliciously deep-fried fruit pie to your order and you'll have the most perfect hot wing meal combo in Flower Mound from It's Just Wings.

Get Wings, Curly Fries, and Desserts at It’s Just Wings in Flower Mound, TX

Dessert + Fries A lot of chicken wing restaurants in Flower Mound have dozens of random items on the menu — who really wants a salad with their chicken wings? We don't mess around at It’s Just Wings, though. Our number one priority is giving the people what they want — the perfect wings, mouthwatering sauces, well-seasoned curly fries, and fried pies that’ll leave you wanting more. After all, we understand that perfectly prepared wings smothered in your favorite rubs and sauces say everything that needs to be said, and nothing amplifies their flavor like flavorful curly fries and mouth-watering fried dessert pies. Take your dream wing meal to new heights by getting your Flower Mound, TX chicken wings with fries and dessert.

Why Get Dessert and Fries with Your Wings in Flower Mound, TX?

Why wouldn’t you want to finish off your chicken party in Flower Mound with a mouth-watering dessert and zesty curly fries? Whether you’d like a slightly-spicy palate cleanser between each bite or you’d prefer something nice and sweet to finish off your meal on a high note — It’s Just Wings has everything you need to enjoy your hot chicken wing meal to the fullest. Our curly fries are expertly seasoned in a mildly spicy rub and deep-fried to achieve the amazingly crunchy exterior, and our hand pies are smothered in a well-balanced sweet-and-salty batter and deep-fried for the right amount of deliciousness.

You don’t need to stare at a ridiculously long menu to find the perfect side to your meal. When you order from It's Just Wings in Flower Mound, you’ll instantly grab the only side you need — well-seasoned curly fries. Pick your preferred wing type — smoked, boneless, or fried — and select the sauce or rub of your choice, from lemon pepper rub to Buffalo sauce. When you receive your order, open that carryout container and uncover your deliciously prepared chicken and fries combo waiting for you. Just don’t forget something for that dessert craving, such as our deep-fried fruit pies. Ordering a well-balanced chicken meal in Flower Mound, TX has never been so easy.

How to Get Wings, Dessert, and Fries in Flower Mound, TX

Searching for a high-quality wing restaurant in Flower Mound? With It’s Just Wings, your home immediately transforms into the ultimate chicken place in Flower Mound with just a few clicks. Order delicious wings, dessert, and slightly spicy curly fries for an uncomplicated, flavorful chicken wing meal delivery. Are you feeding a crowd? Purchase your chicken wing combo at an It’s Just Wings location in Flower Mound to treat everyone to a delicious meal they can’t help but love. It’s Just Wings in Flower Mound has combo meals ranging from 8 to 44 pieces of chicken, complete with extra side sauces and an adequately-huge side of seasoned curly fries.

Take it a step further and customize your chicken wing spread with a variety of sauces and dips — including a creamy bleu cheese dressing, a velvety apple BBQ dip, or both. Top off your dream wing experience with a rich, deep-fried dessert and your beverage of choice. Whether you’re ordering carry-out or delivery, you can get your perfect hot wing combo meal from your local Flower Mound, TX It’s Just Wings.

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