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Order Buffalo Wings Online in Gulfport, MS for Pickup

Between sorting through over-complicated food menus, making awkward phone calls as you order for pickup, and standing in long lines once you arrive for your food, ordering carryout can be a pretty daunting task — but it doesn't have to be. Place your order online from It’s Just Wings in Gulfport, MS, and experience great service with just the click of a button.

Lunch or Dinner — The Best Carryout Near You in Gulfport, MS

Carryout Ordering lunch or dinner for pickup can be quite an undertaking. Even once you settle on the restaurant you’d like to order from, it’s almost impossible to choose what you want because of all those food options. Ordering carryout should not be that difficult. And for this reason, your local It’s Just Wings took the guesswork out of ordering the food you want.

Choose from traditional bone-in, boneless, or smoked wings, pick your perfect sauce or rub, and smash that order button. We’ll start working on your meal immediately, and we’ll toss in a free side of curly fries to top it all off. We'll let you know when your order will be ready for pickup, so you can skip out on standing in long lines or waiting when you arrive. When picking up your to-go order is this simple, quick, and savory, then you've got the greatest carryout meal in Gulfport.

Why Order Carryout from Gulfport, MS It’s Just Wings?

Here at It’s Just Wings, we have one main goal — to guarantee that everything we make tastes just as delicious at home as it does coming out of our kitchen. For this reason, we’ve centered our full menu around wings. Our traditional bone-in wings are cooked to perfection, our savory boneless wings are both succulent and tender, and our pecan-smoked wings are exploding with deliciously smoky flavor. Get your wing order tossed in our spicy honey sriracha sauce or tasty Santa Fe sauce, and you’ll have your perfect order of irresistibly delicious wings just the way you like it. And while other wing restaurants have you pay for a side, we pledge to always provide you with a free order of seasoned curly fries with each wing order to complete your carryout combo meal. Whether you’re having lunch at your desk, a chill dinner with your family, or a quiet Sunday evening, your delicious pickup order will be ready as soon as you are from It's Just Wings in Gulfport.

Online Ordering for Carryout Made Easy with Gulfport It's Just Wings

There's a lot of pressure when phoning in your carryout order. You may blank on the name of your meal, forget the extra sauces or maybe even forget your own name. Put the phone down, order your meal online, and pat yourself on the back for entering the new age of ordering take out.

Enter your Gulfport address and tell us what you want, for instance, which type of wings you prefer, how many of them you want, and what sauce or rub suits your fancy. Select your beverage to accompany your meal, and throw on however many additional sauces you want— we won't judge. The curly fries is complimentary, so that’s one less thing you have to click.

Once you've got your tasty carryout meal finalized, submit your order for pickup from It's Just Wings in Gulfport, MS, and we'll have it ready for you when you drive up — no long line, annoying drive-thru window, or awkward waiting area. Now that’s carryout ordering made simple.

Delivered by Doordash

The best wings deserve the best delivery service in America. We’ve partnered with DoorDash to bring our wings directly to you.